How To Know If You Are In Love

George IfeanyiWho want to earn 59+ BTC again & again in fully automated way… #CPP #Rocks

– – Earn 59+ BTC again & again  in Autopilot.

– – Who loves auto-upgrades and want optional recruiting. 
Here is the plan detail :
👉Its a straight line cycler..
👉Referring is optional , means everyone makes money here..
👉Everyone joins in single line.
👉One will cycle out to the next phase as soon as 3 people join after him, either from you or from any referrer.👉Now , there are four type of income..

1. As per plan below (59.52 BTC again & again).
2. Referral income – 0.01 BTC for every direct referral.
3. Repurchase Income – Whenever your downline purchase new position, you will get again referral bonus.
4. Matching Income – Whenever your downline phase up from phase 1 to phase 2,they will get a new position in phase 0 and you will get 0.007 matching bonus again & so on see table below.👉So You can refer unlimited no. of referrals.
👉System is fully automated.
👉You just need to join and upgrade with 0.03 btc one time, rest system will take care of everything.
👉You can refer as much people as you want.
👉As soon as you cycled out from phase 0 , move to phase 1 , will get 0.02 BTC as profit.
👉👉👉👉👉 New launch.. Be sure to make yourself register 👈👈👈👈👈
*Contact ASAP*

20 Days Earning from the system..
28th Day Stats
How To Activate Your Id -Step By Step Instruction 


Add your bitcoin wallet address

  1. Go to My Account

  2. Click on Cashout Settings

  3. Click on Manage

  4. Click on New Address

  5. Write bitcoin address in the box in front of Bitcoin Address

  6. Enter your security answer

  7. Click on Add


Fund Your Account

  1.  Go to My wallet

  2. Click on Add Money

  3. Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to deposit (e.g. 0.03, 0.06, 0.09, 0.12)

  4. In payment options select Coinpayments

  5. Click on Add

  6. On next Page Click on Submit

  7. You will be redirected to coinpayments. You need to submit your details and select the coins. For more info  Click Here .

  1. Send the payment to the bitcoin address provided. Wait for the coinpayments for 2 confirmations on the bitcoin network.

  2. As soon as it confirms, your btc will be sent to your Cashpoolpro account.


Buying Positions

  1.  Go to Purchase

  2. # of position , write 1

  3. Payment option: Coinpayments (Main Balance)

  4. Click On Buy Now

If you don’t know how this system works, please focus here:
Suppose 13 members have joined and those members have joined sequentially. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13.
Right now everyone is in phase 0, and when the system will start cycling this is going to happen:
=> 1 is at top so, 1 will be cycled out from phase 0, then 2, then 3 and so on.
=> 1 has three members placed after him i.e. 2,3,4 so system will cycle out member 1 and it will enter phase 1.
=>now system will cycle out 2 from phase 0 by 5,6,7 and now in phase 1, there are 2 members. (1,2)
=>now system will cycle out member 3 from phase 0 by 8,9,10. now phase 1 have 3 members(1,2,3).
=>now system will cycle out member 4 from phase 0 by 11,12,13 and now phase 1 have 4 members(1,2,3,4)
=>now in phase 0 there are no members which can recycle number 5 so system will wait for people to buy position.
=>in phase 1 there are 4 members 1,2,3,4. system will again cycle out member 1 by 2,3,4 and member 1 will enter phase 2.
=>again system will see that there are no members to recycle number 2 from phase 1 so it will wait for members to cycle out phase 0 and enter phase 2.
That’s how it works. and Yes system keeps checking for cycle every 5 minutes.

Visit here for more information

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